Full Circle

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Fiona DeMarco

We have gone back to our roots. The inspiration behind our new collection named 'Wave' was originally designed back in 1996.

During my last year at University (Sir John Cass Faculty, London) I had a working Blacksmithing placement with Richard Quinnell Ltd. (Leatherhead, Surrery), where I learnt to yield the hammer!

Quite by accident I started to stretch a piece of copper tubing on an anvil and a new collection was born. This led to one of my first solo Silversmithing shows named 'Metalmorphosis' in 1997 at D'Argent Gallery, Oxo Tower, London.

Here's an excerpt:

Fiona' silversmithing pieces are inspired by elements of nature, particularly the patterns left by the effects of erosion on surfaces such as wood and stone.

Undulating folds, layers and contours erupt to create interesting surfaces for organic 3-dimensional functional and decorative objects such as bowls and tactile pods.

Copper tubing is distorted, folded and squashed - then moulded into forms, which are often plated in precious metals showing the diversity of this unique and unusual technique used by Fiona.

Container © 1996

Silver and Gold gilded

Photography: Joël Degen


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